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Adventures in South-Sudan

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A new beginning
8/12/13 | Delft
an amazing time in a green paradise in Africa

Dear people, I guess most of you guys know about my plans for the coming year, some might not know the details yet, but I am going to be a trainee for ZOA for a year. This means that I'll be working for them in South-Sudan, in a city called Yei, where I will start in the country office assisting the "manager general affairs". I'll be doing bookkeeping, HR, logistics, safety; desk work basically. I did desk work for a year already for C.S.R. in Delft, but I guess this will be a bit different. On the other hand: I will probably be working with fun people, doing crazy stuff, so it will be similar in a way
Anyways, I'll be flying on the 20th of January, but before I can leave I have to get some training at ZOA's office in Apeldoorn. I'll be living in Apeldoorn for two weeks first, amongst some theology students, learning to work with ZOA's administration software.


I am pretty excited about all this, I have some ideas of what it could be like, but I will definitely be surprised by many things. Fortunately, my cousin Sieb and his wife Nelie have been in exactly the same situation a couple of years ago, so they have told me some of their stories to prepare me a bit.
Many people ask me why I am doing this. I am actually a bit surprised myself that this is happening. This has definitely not been my dream for many years already, the idea came into my head somewhere this year, and now I am doing it. It is going to be cool, though, and I am motivated. I have been abroad before, and this was always super exciting. Especially the first weeks in a new location are very intense. You are away from everything you know, which is quite scary. However, in this a environment, nobody has any idea about who you are, you have to think about how you want to present yourself, which gives you some room to change the ideas you have about yourself. In my case, I just see this as another opportunity to become more of the person I want to be.
Also, of course, for me this is the first time in Africa, I am extremely curious of what I will find there. However, I could have done a million things abroad, so why did I pick ZOA? ZOA is trying to really improve the situation in South-Sudan in the long run, I think that I can maybe help them make a difference. In that sense I would really like to feel useful, to be helping people, as I think this is a useful way to spend the time we have on this planet. However, I am not a dreamer in the sense that I think that I am going to change the world for the better, or that I will have an amazing time in a green paradise in Africa. I try to be realistic, I know it will probably be tough, but I hope that I will manage to survive there and I will try my best to enjoy my time there and meet a lot of interesting people.

This blog

Recently, I have begun to start thinking about packing, moving my things (to my parents), and writing this blog. In fact, I am motivated to design this blog myself using html, so don't pay too much attention to the blog's lay-out, I will work on it :).
I will try to write stuff that I think is interesting up here, I don't know how often, that will depend on how much spare time I will have.